DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE (or fhysiotherapic massage)

Deep tissue massage is restoration of the structural balance and integrity of the body through eliminating the chronic tension of the muscles in the deep layers of the body. This alleviates posture and mobility disorders, which are often the actual causes of pain and injuries.
This massage is excellent for reducing pain and tension in back, neck, shoulder, knee and hip muscles. Most joint problems also primarily stem from tense muscles.

The massage is used in the cases of chronic pains such as the carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, „frozen shoulder“, radicular lower back pain, fibromyalgia and many other conditions. Deep tissue massage is beneficial in recovering from injuries and operations, but also helps to prevent injuries.

Everything in human body is connected through different lines of muscles. It is important to understand, what is the result and what is the actural reason. When muscles are tense in some part of the body, it usually causes pain somewhere else or increases the risk of injuries in these regions. So for example in the case of lower back pains it is necessary to stretch hip or thigh muscles. In the case of neck pains the whole back and the muscles in the backs of thighs or even the muscles on the soles of feet should be worked.

Deep tissue massage does not automatically mean intense massage. On the contrary, the pace of the massage is rather calm and the techniques controlled. Cooperation between the patient and the therapist and proper breathing are essential to ensure maximum outcome with minimum effort and pain. This massage also has a psychosomatic effect.